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Welcome to The Grand Strzelecki Track

Home to the tallest flowering plants and the tallest hardwood trees on earth, the majestic Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans), the Strzelecki Ranges of South Gippsland are like no other place. The towering trees and prolific jungle-like undergrowth that extended through these ranges when white settlers first arrived became widely known as The Great Forest of South Gippsland, a title which has been well documented in publications since the 1880′s and is entrenched in our History and folklore.  Much of The Great Forest was lost to sawmilling and settlement, but there remains within the National Parks and 30,000 hectares of protected private forest of the Eastern Strzeleckis, inspiring examples that can still be seen.  In one of the most biologically productive forests on earth where regrowth from the 1939 and 1944 fires is already 50 metres tall, these forests provide an enormous wealth of biodiversity and scenic values which, until the Grand Strzelecki Track was built, were largely inaccessible to the public except for the two beautiful National Parks; Morwell and Tarra-Bulga. The Parks charm visitors with pristine rainforest and tall eucalypt forests second to none and a proliferation of plant and animal life such as the South Gippsland Koala, which is the only genetically intact remnant of the original population remaining in Victoria. The Grand Strzelecki Track links these Parks together and opens up many natural treasures not seen within the Parks including endangered ecosystems, stunning views, waterfalls and much more. At the same time it provides an insight into the amazing and sometimes tragic settlement and sawmilling history of the Strzeleckis, as well as recent conservation initiatives to preserve our natural and cultural heritage.

Located just 21/2 hours drive east of Melbourne and accessible from both the Princes and South Gippsland Highways, the Track has something for everyone whatever you level of fitness or experience. Over 100 km of track network provides a challenging but rewarding 2 day Park to Park experience or 3 moderate to easy loop walks of 1 to 2 days each, radiating from Tarra-Bulga National Park. Alternatively, take 5 to 7 days to walk the whole Track and experience the full diversity of scenery these ranges have to offer.

The Grand Strzelecki Track project was conceived by local communities, built with funds provided by the Victorian Government and Bendigo Bank following the Black Saturday fires in 2009 and is managed entirely by local volunteers. We’re proud of our unique part of Australia and welcome visitors to come and share it with us.

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