Becoming a Friend and/or Management Committee Member of The Grand Strzelecki Track

At specific times throughout each year, we assess every track for their required annual maintenance and any improvements, and with the help of Friends and/or Management Committee Members, undertake some of this work requiring many volunteering hours. We welcome and encourage you to join us in helping sustain the Track.

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Donations for track maintenance and improvements

We receive only a small amount of annual funding for general track maintenance and improvements from Latrobe City and Wellington Shires and from map sales. At times, this is insufficient to purchase all the necessary items required or to engage a subcontractor to undertake larger track projects that may have been severely impacted by natural events such as heavy snowfall or disruptive winds. It is our mission to maintain and improve the Track enabling the safety and enjoyment of walkers. We appreciate any financial or in-kind donation to help us reach our goals.

All donations would be acknowledged on the website.

For further details, please use the Contact Us Form or by email to


Recent projects completed

In 2019, the water tank at Pattison’s Rest Area was found to be unsuitable for storing potable water due to allowing UV through its casing. With the financial support of two major sponsors, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council, we were able to purchase a more suitable water tank and associated fittings.