The Grand Strzelecki Track was inaugurated in 2012 as a hiking track covering 110 kms through Tarra Bulga NP, Morwell NP, private and crown land in Gippsland, Australia. The route takes you through stunning and diverse scenery with unique wildlife including the Freshwater Cray and the South Gippsland Spiny Cray. This is our promotional video.



Tarra Bulga National Park


The inaugural open day 2 of the Grand Strzelecki Track.


ATV on Macks Creek Crossing 2 on the Macks Creek Loop of Grand Strzelecki Track.

Today. 24th of February 2022, was spend inspecting the Wild Cherry Track after two devastating storms. Once Parks Victoria repaired and cleared their section to the southern access gate, we were able to travel on the track and head beyond the gate only to find our section of the track blocked with fallen trees. We created a 200m track diversion and continued beyond Crossing 1 and 2 to Crossing 3, where we could not cross.

Here is a short video of our wheel placement and spotting for Crossing 2.


This video is from Dave Mann, a Latrobe Valley resident, a keen hiker to have completed our track in February 2020 from Tarra-Bulga NP to Morwell NP with the Mount Tassie Loop. This was his planned solo hike over two days covering 51kms. Thank you, Dave for your contribution.


This video is from Finn Dunn of Fruitless Adventures, who with his partner, recently completed Tarra Valley Loop over two days. Not only did Finn capture some beautiful scenery, but they endured steep terrain, inclement weather and a few leeches along the way, which make up the splendour and conditions of the Track. Thank you, Finn for your contribution.