About Us


The Grand Strzelecki Track helps to sustain the viability of the small communities through which it passes, as well as the wider Gippsland area. This is achieved by opening up the Strzelecki Ranges to visitors from Australia and overseas who are looking for an extended walking experience in a unique part of Australia. The Track took over two years to build and was opened in May 2012. Since then, we have been working towards raising more funds to provide more facilities and an even better experience for visitors. Our focus has been on protecting, while showcasing the environmental values that bring people here, and to pass on our local knowledge so others may appreciate and want to protect these as much as we do. Construction of the Track involved extensive weed removal works within Morwell National Park. Your trek will also take you through other areas of high biodiversity where restoration projects can be seen.

Two thirds of the Track passes through plantation and diverse native forests managed by Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP), and would not be possible without this contribution.

The Track is entirely managed by an incorporated body of volunteers (The Grand Strzelecki Track Inc.) who undertake all fundraising, maintenance, promotion and development. In the high rainfall environment of the Strzelecki Ranges, where vegetation grows prolifically and the Southern Ocean often brings gales or even occasional snowfalls, maintaining the Track presents many difficulties and unexpected costs. However, the wild elements, luxuriant growth and fallen logs covered with mosses and fungi, are also part of the essence of the Strzelecki Ranges, which makes the experience something special.

In 2012, the Track won a ‘Parks and Leisure Australia Award of Excellence’ at the national level category of ‘Inclusive and Connected Communities’. This was subsequent to winning the award for the Victoria/Tasmania region.

Our vision is to provide a special, peaceful experience where anyone can discover the unexpected nature, history and ‘feeling’ of this unique part of Australia at their own pace and level of ability.

The Track receives a small amount of funding annually from Latrobe City and Wellington Shire Councils, but relies heavily on map sales through our shop, donations, grants, in-kind support and fundraising initiatives for ongoing track maintenance and development. Donations can be made through our Track Support / Donate page. Alternatively, contact us about sponsoring interpretive signs, selling maps from your business outlet(s) or if you wish to provide in-kind support.