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Story and images by Daniel Broadbridge   There were three of us; Glenn, Matt and myself (all Sale and District Runners), who decided to go for a run in the Park, because if you need to do a long run, why not do one where there’s stunning scenery and some gnarly hills to match? We are all from Wellington Shire (about an hour away from the Tarra Bulga) so we didn’t have to get up too early to get out running in the morning. We arrived at the Visitor Centre in Balook at 7.30am, to find out we were the only there (which isn’t surprising), only to step out of the car and immediately froze our butts off. It was about 13° C when we left home, the car thermometer when we stepped out of the car said it was 7° C. So just a tad bit chilly. But man,…

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“Hi, I’m Aki and I am 10 years old. I walked the Mt. Tassie Loop on 20/12/13 with my family.  We started at the Tarra Bulga National Park Visitor Centre and got onto the West Face Track.  Then we climbed to the Mt. Tassie Picnic Area and finally took the Duff Sawmill Heritage Trail and finished at the Visitor Centre. It took us seven and a half hours to walk the 18kms.

One of my favourite places was the waterfall where we stopped for some food and a drink. There were beautiful trees round it and the waterfall is beautiful although it is small.  My other favourite place was the picnic area. The track was steep and I thought it would take forever.

The view from the picnic area was beautiful because it was high in the mountains. We had lunch there while admiring the view. There was a blackwood forest on the Duff Sawmill Heritage Trail. I felt great, because of all the birdcalls. I found a pair of Lyrebird feathers. At first I thought they were dead fern fronds and I was surprised when I noticed they were Lyrebird feathers. Everyone was very impressed.

Around the end, I realized my heels were hurting more than at the start so I decided to have a look at them and found big blisters on both heels. There were a still a few kilometres to go so I pushed on and got to the end. I felt like a hero to have finished an 18 kilometre walk! Apart from my blisters it was fun.

The most fun part about it was the stunning sight from the highest points on Mt. Tassie. In all I was happy that I finished the walk.” by Akitoshi Harvey.